Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review of Draft Ops Website

Draft Ops is a daily fantasy sports website based in USA. Accredited to Better Business Bureau (BBB) and rated A+, this US-based skill games company is 100% legal and offers the best experience to its users. In fact, it is so easy to play with that one just needs about 2 minutes to draft a team and jump right into the action! The best thing about drafting the team is that there is no salary cap involved. The website offers different modes of games, you can play one on one or opt for win more vs. a bigger pool of game players (be it tournaments, a 10-man game or a 5-man game).  

Through Draft Ops members can win real money every week. When things involve real money online, people are always apprehensive about whether or not they should sign up because they are worried about the security of the payment method. With one can put such fears to rest because the deposits and withdrawals are instant and 100% secure. After all, the website operates legally and also has transparent missions. 

Owing to a partnership with The Barclay Center in Brooklyn, had more than seven million dollars as start-up funding. This benefit is directly passed on to the members registering with the website. Thus, these members are not just offered the chance of betting in small tournaments and games but some of the best missions available! Also, another impressive fact about is that it is also the official daily fantasy site of The Rich Eisen Show. Eisen being one of NFL's biggest personalities, is surely going to benefit in a big way. 

The entire functioning of the website and its rules are quite user-friendly, therefore it would appeal even to a casual fan! Also, thanks to its unique 'no salary cap' feature, members can roster any player that they want, there are no restrictions at all. This is definitely a massive plus point because newbies or inexperienced fantasy sports enthusiasts are usually intimidated by the experts or pros who knows how to use their limited salary to roster the right players. With this salary restriction lifted, members can roster any stars they like or want. Thus, one can even roster all the stars too if one feels like it!